CTV News Coverage of Preservation of Banksy’s Artwork



Video Summary:

CTV news speaks to Jared Menkes, Vice President of Menkes Development, who helped lead the project. Menkes is probed on how it’s known whether the pieces were indeed created by Banksy, to which Menkes responds by citing news reports from 2010, as well as Banksy’s website and a book that made the confirmation, which lead to the appraisal. Menkes then goes on to discuss why the company spent so many resources to preserve the art, claiming that it’s located in an important part of the path network that connects the part of the city south of the PATH network, and that the developer is committed to the city of Toronto, wanting to give this great piece of art back to its people. Menkes then goes on to discuss the history of the piece and it’s significance, it’s current appraised value, and breaks down it’s properties – of being a 2.5 tonne piece of concrete with a 1.5 tonne glass casing surrounding the piece. Menkes then finishes the interview by discussing his personal interpretation of the piece.