Having the opportunity to work with a construction company to build and design your condo can be exciting, but overwhelming experience. The sheer number of decisions that need to be made by you as well as the construction team knows no bounds. Here are a few things to consider while designing your custom condo to assist you to stay focused and keep you at ease.

Determine a Budget

Maximize your spending to add value to your condo, but don’t go crazy. Even though it’s one of the biggest investments you’ll make, don’t overspend. Think wisely about how you’ll spend your money designing your space so you can still make the necessary payments after it’s complete. Make a list of the big items that need to be upgraded or done immediately, things like taking down a wall or completely reconstructing the kitchen. These things are much more difficult to do later on instead of while your condo is still under construction. Budget for those big things and leave smaller projects for later.

Optimal Functionality

You want your condo space to be as functional for your needs as possible. Consider how you go about your day in your current residence: What are some things that bother you? Is the proximity of your fridge and oven too close? Does the bathroom door hit the toilet or vanity constantly? Are the washer and dryer location blocking natural sunlight from coming through? Think about any current annoyances as you design your condo to prevent them from resurfacing in your new space.

What’s Your Style?

For inspiration as to what atmosphere you want your condo to have, browse through design magazines and social media platforms like Pinterest for some ideas. But stick to one theme as opposed to multiple styles as this will make your new space look like it’s having an identity crisis. Narrow down your personal style, or hire an Interior Designer to help put your ideas into perspective and execute them accordingly.

Colour Scheme

Going along with your chosen style, be it modern, contemporary, rustic or whatever you decide, you need a cohesive colour scheme as well. Again, something that speaks to your personal style but isn’t too overwhelming. If you’re unsure, opt for neutral colours on permanent fixtures such as tiling, flooring, appliances and more. Consider pops of colour that can be easily changed, like decor accessories and wall colour.

Lasting Trends?

Keep in mind that while trends may be popular and stylish today, they will fade over time, many sooner than later. When designing your condo, don’t focus on filling it to the brim with marble and furry pink wallpaper, especially if that isn’t your personal style. As you’ll be living in your condo for a while, the worst thing would be to spend money designing a space that you grow out of quickly.

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