What Service We Offer



TORCON’s Commercial and Industrial division caters to a wide variety of clientele. From a simple upgrade to extensive renovations, our team delivers a unique space that is on time and within budget.
Our project portfolio includes airport environments, including lounges and duty-free stores, medical clinics, retail spaces, rare-art restoration, and offices, just to name a few.


TORCON specializes in residential condominium renovation and refurbishment, serving Toronto and surrounding areas. We have managed numerous iconic residential refurbishment projects ranging from common element spaces such as corridors, parking garages, exteriors and amenities (i.e., lobbies, recreation rooms, fitness facilities) to residential homes, new construction renovations and additions.


TORCON’s Hospitality division caters to new and existing facilities in creating beautiful, inviting and functional spaces. We ensure layout, amenities and aesthetics meet the needs of your guests and travellers.

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