First impressions count. This is why an office space needs to look updated and inviting from the moment you step in. Yes, we know that renovations take time, effort and tons of money, but there are several reasons why you should consider updating your office. Well done up interiors reflect a successful, state-of-the-art company and attracts potential clients to do business. It gives employees a sense of pride to be associated with the company, encouraging them to be productive.

The reasons for office renovation differs from firm to firm. For some, it might entail expansion if the business has grown. For some, it might mean updating outdated furniture. For others, it might mean a total makeover. How do you know what renovation is right for your business environment? There’s no end to renovation once you start. How do you plan a budget and stick to it? Torcon Canada, office renovation experts, provides some helpful tips.

Outline the Objective

First, plan out the objective behind the renovation. Figure out if you should do it right away or wait a while. Which department will be occupying the space and how will they use it? How can you minimize capital investment and maximize property value? How will the new design reflect success? Once you have outlined all the factors related to your industry you can determine the course of action.

Make a List

List out your expectations from the renovation. Identify what needs instant attention and what can wait. Once you know the reasons, you can prioritize and plan the budget and timeframe.

Involve Your Staff

Involving your staff will make them feel valued for the company and give them a sense of responsibility to look after the new assets. Ask them for suggestions and incorporate valuable views. This will motivate them to contribute more actively to the company, not just for renovation but also towards business growth.

Fix a Budget

Decide a budget for the project. If your budget is limited, you may want to consider minimal changes and prioritize the necessary upgrades. If your budget can be expanded, work in costs for unexpected changes. Some expenses can occur without planning, work them in so you are not left out in the cold later.


Make sure there is a clear start date and finishing date for the project. Deadlines will help you finish your project on time, cutting down on unnecessary expenses too. You need to contact plumbers, carpenters, electricians and flooring contractors to finish the job on time. Focus on long-term management, not short-term goals. It might make you spend more but the results will last you longer and impress your clients more. Break it up into phases so the productivity of the entire office is not affected. Once you list down all the above requirements, consult professional renovation services who can do it all for you quickly and efficiently.

Torcon Canada: Plan, Manage, Construct

Torcon Canada’s commercial and industrial division caters to a wide variety of clientele. Whether you require a simple upgrade or extensive renovations, our team of experts deliver a unique space that is finished on time, within budget. Our project portfolio includes airport environments, lounges, duty-free stores, medical clinics, retail spaces, rare-art restoration and office, to name a few. Call us or browse through our website to know more.